Let’s face it, most of us are not strutting the runway, flouncing Fifth Avenue, or perusing Rodeo Drive on a daily basis. ( Don’t kid yourself we’d love to be on of those ladies) Instead most of us are pacing the office hallway, hitting main street or running the sidelines of the soccer field. But, we are no less fabulous than the supermodels, Park Avenue Princesses or Rodeo Drive Queens. We are suburban fashionistas.

We pamper ourselves at the salon with perfectly polished fingers and toes, meticulously threaded brows and locks so shiny that the Kardashian girls would be green with envy. We adore getting lost at Sephora where the bronzer is bountiful, lip gloss cascades the aisles and a bold red lipstick can transport you to another world and a new you. ( MAC Viva Glam anyone??).

While waiting to pick up the kids or for our oil to be changed we flip though fashion magazines drooling over the latest collections and fawning over the beauty treasures that flow on those glossy pages like freshly corked champagne. But we suburban fashionistas are always presented with one question: How do we incorporate these fashion forward looks into our daily wardrobe without looking like we are trying too hard or just completely ridiculous? What place do red lips have on the soccer field? ( Does Burt’s Bees come in red??) What place do color block frocks have at the office? Would main street even appreciate a fresh keratin blowout?

Candy’s Closet aims to be advice central for women who want to be fashion forward but need to weave the runway into everyday.


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